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TLC Scanner Series

YOKO-2000 TLC Video Scanner

YOKO-2002 TLC Portable Video Scanner

YOKO-2005 TLC Double Video Scanner

YOKO-3000 TLC Auto Scanner
TLC Sampler Series
BD-I-Ⅱ Electric Sampler
TD Electric Spray Bands Sampler
AD Automatic Sampler by Spray-on Technique
AS-TLC Auto Multi Syringe Sampler
 TLC Immersion Series
XR-I-ⅡTLC Plate Heater

PN-Electric TLC Sprayer

PX-TLC Spray Cabinet

YS-TLC Derivatization Immersion device

BL-Bioluminize Scaner


TLC Plate Coater Series

TF- TLC Plate Coater by hand

BF-I-II Automatic TLC Plate Coater

BF-Ⅲ TLC Plate Coater

ZF-I Triple use UV lamp

ZX- UV Analysis Cabinet

BA- Portable UV lamp

Ultraviolet FluorescentTable

Ultraviolet/White light Table

ZS- UV Anilysis Video System

ZS-Ultraviolet Video System

CS- UV Direct/Transmitted Video System

 conveyance Series
LB- folding Drying rack LB- folding Drying rack
CA -TLC Plate Box
TLC multi-plate Chamber

IA- Iodine steam generator

BQ TLC Plate Cutter

Other Product

Twin Trough Chambers
Silica Powder,Glass Plates

TLC Precoat Plates

UV-light Tube,UV Filter

Oxford cup, Oxford cup laying machine

DZ-TLC multi plate Chamber


The Brief Introduction Of Company :

WuHan YoKo new technology develop Ltd. is a Hi-Tech company that one collects scientific research, product design , producing , selling medicine analytical instrument , medical health product raw materials and relevant auxiliary products.

The analytical instrument department of our company is on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, succeeds in developing the serial products of TLC with one's own intellectual property right. Instrument's engineers and technicians start at 1980s to be engaged in TLC's research and development work, once obtained many patents of invention.

Compared with oversea identical product ,Our instruments have a very high performance-cost ratio .It is received for the worldwide application of scientific departments, colleges , medical and health , drug test , chemical industry and public security department.

The company all staff take the good faith, diligently, explores and develops unceasingly, unites efforts the innovation, cooperates hand in hand with the domestic and foreign advanced factories, makes contribution a bit for the modernization of the analytical instrument industry .

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