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Brief introduction:
BL model is is one of series equipments of TLC analysis, which is used specially to analysis the illuminatting chromatogram of inhibitory or toxic effects spots.
After HPTLC separation, complex mixture's toxic screening is invented by Bayer. Chromadex combines this technology with in the test box of the commercialization. Vibrio sheri is a bacterium of the bioluminescence by used.The bioluminescence instrument is a ideal detector which innovate specially, dedicated to examin organism's illumination on the TLC plate. Unique high sensitivity design, and this method is fast, low cost to display biological activity.
Complex samples first on HPTLC plate be separated into individual components of the spots.After developping the TLC plate is immerssed with suspension of uminescent bacteria. React in a very short period of time: all spots with inhibitory or toxic effects in illuminatting chromatogram appears dark spots.

1.using the YOKO special-purpose software to control independently
2. CCD detector of high resolution and high efficiency
3. measurement platform: You can put 200×200mm TLC plate
4.scan mode: linear and mult-ichannel scanning.
5.Algorithms: Unitary method, internal standard method, external standard method (a straight line method, two dottes curve method).
6.compacted design, easy to use and clean.           

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