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PX-TLC Spray Cabinet

Brief introduction:
In the analysis of TLC, a great part of the TLC sample spots needs to spray Reagent for color . Sometimes they need carbonization handling to spray sour liquid. If we deal with it at will, the color regent or acid iquid can spray everywhere.The residual test solution will corrode the lab epuipment and pollute the working environment.Especially, the color reagent or acid mist can virtually cause great harm to the analysis workor’s health.Therefore the professional spray cabin is very important in the analysis of TLC.

Technical parameter:
Our company now offer Two models TLC Spray Cabinet ,(stainless steel Cabin, High quality centrifugal fan, φ150mmx2M flexible pipe)
PX I: Power: 50w , capacity :5000L/mim: size: 480 * 480 * of 420 mm
PXⅡ: Power: 90w, capacity: 8300L/mim: size: 510 * 510 * of 450 mm

PX-TLC Spray Cabinet is Made with the stainless steel material,the exhaust uses the centrifugal pipe fans, the whole appearance and durable. In addtion, it can be used as the ventilation eqipment of small chemical reaction               

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