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YOKO-3000 TLC Auto Scanner


Brief introduction

Thescanner is one of series of analysis equipments of TLC.It is constituted by Deuterium lamp/Tungsten lamps combination of light source, grating monochromator selected wavelengths, the automatic control motion platform, a negative anti-ulcer photomultiplier detection system and TLC workstation. The workstation automatic control TLC scanning , carries on quantitative processing to the TLC spots, and prints the analysis report. The Instrument may satisfy the needs of research department ,college and pharmaceutical factory to TLC analysis.

Technical parameter:
1, measurement: reflection, fluorescence, absorption method;
2, spectral range: 200nm ~ 800nm (continuously adjustable); can give UV absorption spectrum to optimize the scanning wavelength
3, light source: halogen tungsten lamp, deuterium lamp (auto switching);
4, monochromators: holographic grating (1200 lines / mm), to support nitrogen blow function;
5, spectral bandwidth: 5nm;
6, wavelength accuracy: ± 0.5nm;
7, the minimum resolution: 10um;
8, measurement platform:can put 200mm × 200mm chromatography plate;
9, scanning speed: 50mm / s;
10, Baseline flatness: ± 1%;
11,Operating system: WIN2000/WINXP;
12, Data Transfer: USB interface

13. Power: 300W; 220V  

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