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CA TLC Plate Box

brief introduction:
This box is mainly used in storing the TLC plate, It is the capable little equipment of the analysis work of TLC.

Technical parameter:
the plate box has two types :
Ⅰtype 10×20 cmⅡ type 20×20 cm
Ⅰtype box may keep 10 pieces of 10×20 cm plate or 20 pieces of 10×10 cm plate or 40 pieces of 5×10 cm plate.
Ⅱ type box may keep 10 pieces of20×20 cm plate or 20 pieces of 10×20 cm plate.

1、The plate box is made of aluminums alloy, spray with high quality project plastics at outside, never to get rusty.
2、Generally the plates need to be pre-activated between 105-℃and 110 ℃.before use, It may put into theoven of T < 150 together with TLC plats.
3、It may directly put into Plexiglas plate box, in order to activate TLC plates which are kept for a long time.. Same Plexiglas Plate Box may put two of I type storage box。

Attention:The plate box should avoid strong acid, strong base reagent of the corrosion, clean storage after use. Sunlight exposure should be avoided. Dot not put in the 150℃ environment to prevent plastic coating aging . It will make the box endurance.         


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