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LB- folding Drying rack


The Drying Rack is designed to wash and dry glass plat for TLC laboratory.
New self-coated glass plate, stained with more or less dust or oil pollution , which will affect the homogeneity of thin layer coated and the use of coating effects .Otherwise, the used TLC plate can also re-use after washing. The LB Drying Rack is convenient for drying the washed plate to prevent secondary pollution.
Put the rack in air circulation place when using. It can dry at least 20 pieces of glass plate of different sizes. After cleaning the plate with cleanser such as soap liquid, interpose the clean plate, piece by piece( see figure 1),
the stagnation water flow out by the hole. Put the cleaned plate in the storage box (on fitting) for future use.
In addition, It may be side-put for placeing layer upon layer of PLC sample plates or precoated plates. (see figure 2).
The rack can also use as a plate support when spraying reagents (see figure 3). So it is very convenient and practical
As regular contact with the water ,it’s made of stainless steel.It won’t be rusted for a long time use. Folded store after cleaning. (see figure 4)It is durable.

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