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TLC Scanner Series

YOKO-2000 TLC Video Scanner

YOKO-2002 TLC Portable Video Scanner

YOKO-2005 TLC Double Video Scanner

YOKO-3000 TLC Auto Scanner
TLC Sampler Series
BD-I-Ⅱ Electric Sampler
TD Electric Spray Bands Sampler
AD Automatic Sampler by Spray-on Technique
AS-TLC Auto Multi Syringe Sampler
 TLC Immersion Series
XR-I-ⅡTLC Plate Heater

PN-Electric TLC Sprayer

PX-TLC Spray Cabinet

YS-TLC Derivatization Immersion device

BL-Bioluminize Scaner


TLC Plate Coater Series

TF- TLC Plate Coater by hand

BF-I-II Automatic TLC Plate Coater

BF-Ⅲ TLC Plate Coater

ZF-I Triple use UV lamp

ZX- UV Analysis Cabinet

BA- Portable UV lamp

Ultraviolet FluorescentTable

Ultraviolet/White light Table

ZS- UV Anilysis Video System

ZS-Ultraviolet Video System

CS- UV Direct/Transmitted Video System

 conveyance Series
LB- folding Drying rack LB- folding Drying rack
CA -TLC Plate Box
TLC multi-plate Chamber

IA- Iodine steam generator

BQ TLC Plate Cutter

Other Product

Twin Trough Chambers
Silica Powder,Glass Plates

TLC Precoat Plates

UV-light Tube,UV Filter

Oxford cup, Oxford cup laying machine

DZ-TLC multi plate Chamber


TF- TLC Plate Coater by hand

Brief introduction
TF-TLC Plate Coater is designed for scientific research or analysis of indoor plants in a small number of TLC plate, preparing  methods is the manual mode .
For satisfying the needs of coating board to research or factory TLC analysis, We put out TF-I-Ⅱ-Ⅲ TLC Plate Coater.

Technical parameters
TF-I : for coating the wide 10 cm board of TLC, have a wide coating frame of 10 cm, to coat thin layer. of wide 5X10,10X10,20×10 cm
TF-II :for coating the wide 20 cm board of TLC, have a wide coating frame of
20 cm , prepare board specifications for the board of 5×20, of 10×20, of 20×20cm of thin layer.
TF-III has synthesized structure and the advantage of I model and II model, have two coating frames. At one board seat may be completed above-mentioned various specifications board of thin layer
It has adjustable layer thickness 0.02 - 2 mm coating frame.
Material: Aluminum alloy to be Sprayd plastics, never gets rusty , it is durable.                     

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